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Understanding your life insurance options

Life insurance policies provide financial peace of mind to the insured person and their loved ones when the unexpected happens. Most people recognize the importance of such policies, but find it a difficult and sometimes confusing to decide on the most suitable plan for them. For its valuable customers, OptInsure is providing the necessary information as well as guidelines so that you can easily choose the most suitable plan for you and your family.

How to Compare Life Insurance Policies?

Which policy is the most suitable for you? How much coverage is enough for a myself or a my family? These are some of the most common questions that arise in the mind of a potential insurance buyer. When it comes to buying a policy, one can start by getting quote from OptInsure by filling an online application form. To save money and get the appropriate coverage, it is important to understand everything about the different types of plans available.

Term Life or Whole Life Insurance? Which fits my needs better?

This completely depends on the situation of the person purchasing the insurance policy. A term life plan is probably the most simple and easy to understand. Such policies have a set premium amount as well as a set time period that one needs to pay a monthly. Such policies can be inexpensive and less complicated than others, After the specified term length, you may choose to continue payments at a new premium based on your current age.

Whole Life

Whole life policies come with varying features and benefits but cover the insured for life as long as premiums are paid. These policies are straight forward and simple to understand, with most whole life plans you pay the same premium for life. These plans can also provide an accumulated cash value. With most whole life plans the insured can borrow from the cash value.

Universal life Insurance

Universal life is a permanent life insurance policy that has many similarities to whole life. However, with universal life you have the flexibility to make changes to your monthly premium, Death benefit and you also have the ability to use this insurance as a retirement product. Like whole life, universal life builds cash value, one of the biggest differences is how the interest is credited to the cash account. Some universal life plans offer a fixed interest rate, while some use indexing strategies to gain interest. Fill out our form below to obtain more information on how these plans can fit into your financial plan.

Living benefits

Terminal Illness

Terminal Illness Insurance is designed for the situation when an insured gets detected with any of the terminal diseases and may die within 12 months. These diagnosis statements are produced by a physician with an expertise in that illness and the insurer is bound to pay out a lump sum amount to the insured without any additional charges on premiums.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance plans are made to help an insured get a lump sum cash amount in case of getting diagnosed with an illness listed in the insurance policy. These policies are provided for an additional premium that pays out for the cost of care and treatment, rehabilitation aids as well as outstanding financial liabilities including the mortgage payments.

Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness Insurance plans pay out a lump sum amount if the insured gets diagnosed with certain specific diseases such as heart attack, cancer, stroke, major organ transplant and end stage renal failure. These policies help with a partial or complete death benefit early and can be bought as an individual, as a family floater or even sometimes provided by an employer.

How Much Life Insurance Coverage is Enough?

This depends on the insurance buyer individuals situation and budget. There are many factors that decide the total death benefit one would like. One has to consider the number of people depended on financially. It also depends on the state of one’s finances. Here’s a few example’s of how to start choosing how much life insurance you need, If you have children would the savings be enough to get the children through college? Would the family be able to make mortgage payments on their house? A representative from OptInsure will help by going over all the factors needed to decipher the right coverage and the best life insurance plan.

How to Save More on a Life Insurance Policy?

There are a few simple ways the buyer can save on a life insurance policy. First of all, with any type of insurance, it's always recommended to ask for the discounts available. By purchasing multiple policies from same insurance provider, you may qualify for attractive offers. Another good idea is to buy the policy when young and healthy because premiums could rise as the buyer gets older or experiences any health problem. For any budget, a term policy is usually less expensive than a whole life insurance policy. Also, check the preferred insurance plans with more than one insurance providers. Many insurance providers offer it as a benefit at more affordable rates. So, it is recommended getting multiple quotes from various insurance providers to learn the combination of best price and maximum coverage for you.

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