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The federal government has launched Medicaid plans to provide affordable medical treatment to the families with a comparatively lower income. They enable the low-income families to avail the required medical and surgical treatment by paying very low premiums. These plans cover almost all the major diseases and families that qualify for Medicaid plans won’t have to worry about their medical expenses anymore. Usually, the families with an income of $30,000 or less can qualify for Medicaid plan and avail the benefits offered. Let’s get to know what are the mandatory and optional benefits provided to insured’s loved ones and how can they apply for the same easily.
Mandatory Benefits
These plans are known for providing a cover for all major diseases and various treatment-related services. This includes but isn’t limited to inpatient hospital services, outpatient hospital services and laboratory and x-ray services. Under the inpatient care, the patient gets the medical treatment in the hospital and the insurance providers take care of the expenses while the outpatient care covers the expenses of the regular visit to doctors or consultants. Also, the patient doesn’t need to pay for x-ray tests and laboratory charges, if prescribed by the doctor.
Under the freestanding birth center services, pregnant moms and their newborn babies are provided with the necessary care during the delivery. The offered plan also covers the transportation charges to the medical care center if the patient is seriously ill and need to be transported via ambulance or any commercial vehicle. The nurse midwife services cover the expenses of patient’s regular visit to the gynecologist or other specialist doctors while the family planning services assist families to take necessary steps towards planning the future.
The home health services take care of the treatment expenses at home while the physician services cover the expenses of visiting the regular preferred physician. Under EPSDT: Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment Services; the insured gets a cover for early and periodic screenings for a serious illness and the expenses of diagnostic tests. Also, other treatment-related services will be covered if the doctors recommend the same. Under the tobacco cessation counseling, the patients are provided with the required counseling to help them get rid of the addiction of consuming tobacco.
Optional Benefits
Other than their helpful mandatory benefits, Medicaid plans have their optional benefits as well. This means one can add these benefits in the plan if needed. However, the insured might have to pay an additional premium to avail these benefits but these are still the worth. Medicaid offers a wide list of optional benefits that includes but isn’t limited to prescription drugs, chiropractic services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, eyeglasses, TB related services, hospice and personal care services. Under the prescription drugs, you get a cover for expensive drugs for a serious illness prescribed by the doctors or consultants.
Under the chiropractic services, you get a cover to treat the lower back pain, slip disc, knee pain, vertigo, spinal stenosis and much more. Medicaid plans also cover the occupational therapy which helps the differently abled people to make them as independent as possible to take care of their own daily life requirements. TB related services are designed to provide the required treatment and training when an insured is diagnosed with tuberculosis while the hospice provides the care when the insured is diagnosed with a terminal disease and isn’t expected to live long. These plans also cover the expenses for eyeglasses and you can also add a cover for speech, hearing and language disorder services if anyone in your family is suffering from the same.
How Can You Apply?
Applying for a Medicaid plan isn’t that difficult and you can do the same in two ways. You can go via the insurance marketplace and fill your application for the same. They will check your eligibility for these plans and will let you know about the same. Another option is contacting your state Medicaid agency and apply through the same. These agencies are in working in different states of US and you easily find a center near you.

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