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Individual Health Insurance
Health insurance plans provide the much-needed relief when someone falls ill or meets an accident, unfortunately, and individual insurance plans are known for providing exactly what they need from such a plan. These plans fulfill the specific medical requirements of a family and help them get the best at affordable premiums. Known for their easy customization option, these plans give the option to choose what all the features and benefits one needs in a plan and exclude the rest. Let’s get to know what are the benefits provided in the offered plan and why should one consider buying the same.
Key Benefits Of Individual Health Plan:
  • Desired Coverage
    Individual insurance plans aren’t offered by the employers instead they are directly offered to the interested buyers. They let the buyers choose a coverage of their choice and they can choose any sum as the cover as per their specific requirements. With the help of an insurance expert, one can easily decide the required coverage for themselves as well as their family. Depending on the specific requirements, they will suggest an amount that will be sufficient to take care of the medical and surgical expenses of the whole family.
  • Pre Existing Condition
    These plans are known for providing a cover to the people with pre-existing diseases. In case there is a loved one in your family diagnosed with a serious illness and the breadwinner might have to spend a lot on their treatment. But there are providers offering a cover for those illnesses such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Alzheimer, Diabetes, Renal Failure, AIDS/HIV Infection, Chronic Lung Disease, Parkinson, severe mental illness, severe blood disorder and much more. This list of pre-existing conditions may vary according to the providers and buyers are supposed to ask them what all diseases they cover before buying a plan.
  • Tailored Benefits
    Unlike the group health plans, these insurance plans provide tailored benefits for the insured. They can choose the desired coverage for a plan that can easily take care of all the possible medical and surgical expenses of the family. If any of the loved ones is suffering from a serious disease, one can get a cover for the specific disease to manage their treatment expenses. Usually, the treatment of these diseases are very expensive and the patient, as well as their family, have to suffer a lot. Having a sufficient cover for such disease can help the insured receive the timely treatment at very affordable premiums.
What All They Cover?
To utilize most of a plan, the insured is supposed to know well about the plan they have bought. They need to know all the benefits provided in a plan and how can they utilize the same. Under the desired health coverage, the insured gets a cover for pre and post-hospitalization charges. For pre-hospitalization, they get a cover for 30 days pre-hospitalization and ambulance expenses for the same. If the patient is hospitalized for less than 24 hours, the providers will pay for the medical expenses while if the patient is hospitalized for 24 hours or more, they will receive a cover for nursing expenses, room charges, doctor's fee, surgeon's fee, intensive care unit charges, surgeon's fee, blood, oxygen, anesthesia and operation theater charges. Along with that, there are providers who offer a cover for rehabilitation charges as well.
Why Buy An Individual Plan?
Having a sufficient health cover plan can save from a bigger misery in case the insured or one of the loved ones falls ill or gets injured in an accident. These plans can help them get admitted into a hospital quickly and receive the required treatment timely. Moreover, the insured won’t have to pay for most of the common serious diseases covered by the plan. Through a cashless health cover plan, they won’t have to pay anything in cash to get the treatment initiated. These plans prove very helpful in case the insured suffers a stroke or gets badly injured in an accident as these plans help them get admitted immediately and receive the treatment without any delay.

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