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OptInsure strives to help our customers get the best deal on Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Annuities and Health Insurance from a large pool of local and national insurance service providers. With our unique service model, we help the customers get in touch directly with the agents of different insurance service providers, receive multiple insurance quotes as per their requirements, make price and feature based comparisons, and decide the best insurance plan in one simple method with the help of our large network of local and national providers, we help customers get multiple insurance quotes in a very short time-frame and save their valuable time as well. Also, we provide a better insight of different types of insurance plans available and decide the most suitable insurance plan for you.




Your convenience is our utmost priority. We believe in making things easy for our customers and have devised a service model that is not only unique, but also less complicated than others. With our unique model, we have minimized the necessity of hard work and research that a customer had to do before deciding on an insurance plan. Earlier, a customer had to get in touch with the agents of several insurance providers himself, get the quotes manually, compare the benefits of the various insurance plans and decide on their best available insurance plan as well. Also for a customer, it wasn’t possible to reach each and every insurance provider in their locality and get to know all the top insurance plans available, most of times they could not get the best insurance plan with maximum coverage for their requirements. At times, the customer had to pay just for getting the quotes for comparison and it was extremely time-consuming as well. Now, with OptInsure, you just fill the Request A Quote form and we will do the rest for you.


Once you have filled the Request A Quote form, our agents from a large pool of local and national insurance service providers will reach you with the best insurance quotes available as per your requirements. Our agents will carefully listen to your requirements and will suggest the top insurance plans that suit your requirements best. You will receive a long list of top insurance quotes for your requirements and you will have a wide range of options to choose from. You can make price and feature based comparisons and get to know where you are getting the best price and the most comprehensive coverage for the best price.


Now, you’ve gathered a number of quotes from multiple insurance carrier, but it may be difficult to choose as every insurance plan seems suitable in some way. We are also here to help you in this aspect as well. Including the Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Annuities and Health Insurance; we are here to guide you with each and every insurance plan you will need. We are providing our customers a better insight of different types of plans and insurances along with their benefits. We also help the customers understand which insurance plan is best for certain requirements and which insurance plan they should choose for their particular requirements. With OptInsure, you will get the maximum coverage for your best price and will be able to save big on your insurance plans as well.

"Request a quote today with us and enjoy the luxury to choose among the best insurance quotes offered for your specific needs. Connect with our large network of top local and national insurance providers and avail your preferred insurance plan for the best price with maximum coverage."

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