Why Shouldn't You Ignore Your Final Expense Insurance?

by Ryan Polimeni ~ October 20th 2017

Have you planned a memorial service for your loved ones, when they pass away? Well, you don’t like to think about the unfortunate events like losing your loved ones but it’s a fact that everyone has to depart someday. The last thing you can do for your deceased family member or loved one is arranging a memorial ceremony and gather around to remember and pay a teary-eyed farewell to them. And this can be easily done by choosing a final expense plan for them. Such a plan is specially designed to take care of the funeral expenses of the deceased and you can decide for a funeral or the memorial ceremony without worrying about the bills to be paid. Here, we are explaining everything about final expense insurance clearly helping you to choose the best final expense insurance plan for you or your family.

No Medical Exams Required

Qualifying for a life insurance may require your medical history or going through a medical examination but that’s not the case with the funeral expense insurance. You can buy a funeral expense insurance at any age with all kinds of medical cases existing. However, some insurance providers may ask you to answer a few questions related to your health and your policy is approved. Also, some insurers provide a policy with a waiting period up to 2 or 3 years before the policy fully comes into effect.

Freedom to Choose the Preferred Type of Funeral

To choose your burial expense insurance, you will need to decide first how you want it to take place. You will need to answer a few questions such as whether you want to be buried or cremated, where you want to be buried or whether you want the ashes to be scattered in a lake after the cremation, whether you want a memorial ceremony along with the funeral? Depending on the answers to these questions, your plan can vary and talking with an expert can help greatly. Such an expert will listen to your preferences carefully, suggest the most suitable plan within your budget and help you get the best final expense insurance quotes.

Direct Payment to Funeral Homes

Once you have bought a burial expense plan, all your worries are your insurer’s worries now. Whenever someone from family or a loved one passes away, you don’t need to run here and there to get the funeral expenses reimbursed. The insurer will pay directly to your preferred funeral home and the funeral home will ensure the funeral ceremony takes place as per the preferences mentioned in the policy. Meanwhile, you can focus on gathering all your family and friends to pay a tribute to the deceased.

Cheaper Than Immediate Burial

Choosing a burial expense insurance is always a better decision to make rather going with a burial plan immediately after the death of a loved one. By choosing a final expense plan timely you can easily estimate the cost of a funeral with specific preferences. After deciding the type of funeral and estimating the amount, you can choose the best funeral expense insurance easily that fits in your budget. On the other hand, if go with funeral expense after your loved one dies, the funeral homes may not offer all the benefits and can cost a bit more than the regular burial expense plans.

Choose Among the Standard or Full-Service Plan

Basically, funeral expense offers two types of plans that are explained below:

If you are looking for an affordable plan, you can go with the standard insurance that is a cheaper way to bury or cremate your loved one. Under this plan, you get an ordinary funeral service with a simple casket at the graveside. However, the costs of a cemetery plot, headstone, flowers and memorial ceremony aren’t included in the plan are can make it a bit costlier ultimately.

The better option is going with a traditional full-service plan which provides a cover for the costs of a cemetery plot, casket, hearse, flowers, entombment, transportation, a wake ceremony as well as the funeral. In comparison to the above plan, this one costs a bit more but makes a great choice as it offers a host of services and the loved ones of the deceased won’t have to worry about the funeral expenses.

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