Top Accidental and Disability Plans To Pay Your Mortgage Timely

by Anil Kumar ~ September 10th 2018

Homebuyers have always been looking towards mortgage protection plans to ensure their loved ones will always have a permanent place to live in. Different types of plans s are being offered by various top and popular providers in the country. Accidental death and disability insurance have been providing the required financial assistance in unfortunate incidents so that the mortgage payment may continue in those situations as well. However, buyers need to know which type of plans will be more suitable for their specific requirements and choose on accordingly. In this blog, you will get to know about different plans available and the additional benefits offered to them.

Basic Plan

Under the offered plan, the provider pays a lump sum amount to the beneficiary of the insured and pays for the outstanding mortgage balance up to $250,000. This greatly helps the loved one to take care of the outstanding debts, medical treatment as well as other essential expenses. If the breadwinner has bought such a plan for themselves, the loved ones won’t have to worry about the financial responsibilities and they can live in their homes even in the absence of the insurance holder.

Standard Plan

These are cheap mortgage insurance providing a cover up to $500,000 to take care of the outstanding mortgage in case the insured passes away before repaying the same. The offered coverage can be utilized to take care of medical expenses, pending debts, funeral expenses as well as other financial commitments. The offered plans not only help them pay off the outstanding mortgage balance but also ensure a permanent place for the loved ones to live in.

Premium Plan

This comes as the most beneficial plan for the purpose of providing the protection against unfortunate incidents of life. Under this plan, the insured gets to choose a cover according to their choice or specific requirements that will be sufficient to take care of their mortgage loan. When requesting mortgage insurance quotes, they can choose a certain portion of the cover for funeral expenses as well as educational expenses which greatly helps the loved ones after the insured passes away.

Additional Benefits

Along with their cover for the outstanding mortgage, these plans are also known for providing additional benefits to the applicants. Below, we are going to mention the top three additional benefits that any buyer is supposed to know before buying a plan.

  • Accidental Disability Cover

    The offered benefit covers the disabilities occurred due to an accident and provides an accumulated amount for the same. This means when an insured get injured in an unfortunate incident and becomes disabled, the insurance provider will help them with a lump sum amount to help take care of their medical expenses. These benefits have a waiting period of 90 days and to receive the offered benefits, the accident should have taken place after the mentioned period as well as the type of accident should be covered in the same.

  • Permanent & Total Disability

    At times, an unfortunate incident takes place and makes a person disabled for life. Such incidents badly affect the life of these people as well as their families. Their earning capability gets affected and they have to spend a lot on treatment-related expenses. Under these conditions, the loved ones also have to suffer along with the injured. Permanent and total disability plan helps the insured as well as their loved ones with 25 monthly benefit payments to help them take care of the mortgage loan as well as medical and other essential expenses. Usually, this monthly amount is equal to 1 percent of the total mortgage loan taken is provided for 25 months continuously.

  • Accidental Death Cover

    Life is so cruel sometimes and unfortunate incidents take the precious lives of many. Whenever someone passes away that affects the lives of lots of people around them. Along with their emotional loss, they also have to suffer from financial responsibilities in the absence of the main breadwinner of the family. If someone has bought an accidental death and disability insurance, the provider will help the loved ones with an accumulated amount to take care of the outstanding mortgage, funeral expenses as well as the pending medical expenses. Usually, the offered amount is 10 percent of the loan amount but can vary according to the provider.

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