How to Qualify for a Mobile Home Insurance Quickly?

by Anil Kumar ~ January 5th 2018

Imagine yourself returning from a two-week long vacation and finding your mobile home’s window glasses broken and walls being damaged due to the unfriendly weather. This can be a frustrating situation for any homeowner and you may find yourself in a financial bind due to the unnecessary expenses to be made on the repairs. Mobile home insurance policies are made for the homeowners like you only. Similar to a standard homeowner policy, these policies protect the movable homes against the physical damages and cover personal liability claims for the same. However, movable homes have more risks associated with them and getting a mobile home insurance might not be as easy as a standard homeowner policy. In this article, we are going to explain the benefits of mobile home insurance and how you can be prepared to get your insurance request approved easily. Also, we will talk about mortgage life insurance plans to help you make the mortgage payments in odd situations if you have taken out a mortgage on your home.

Physical Damages

In the event of getting your movable home damaged by fire, theft, hail or vandalism; your mobile home insurance provider will take care of the costs of repairs or replacement. Also, some insurance providers provide a cover the damages caused to additional structures such as patio and garage on your property. However, not every movable home policy is the same and there are insurance policies that cover a specific type of damages. These policies are named peril policies and come with a cheaper premium than others but provide a cover for a limited number of damages. If you are buying a mobile home insurance, do ask your insurance provider what all damages are covered in your policy so that you can choose a suitable insurance plan for your home.

Personal Liability Coverage

Movable home policies save you from an additional expense when someone from your family causes any damage to other’s property. That means if your son breaks the neighbor’s window glass, your insurer will pay for the repairs. Even if someone gets injured at your property and files a claim, your insurance provider will protect you from the same. However, these policies may not cover the medical expenses if you or someone in your family gets injured on your premises.

How Your Home Is Rated Before Getting an Insurance?

Whenever you apply for a mobile home insurance, your insurance will ask a range of questions to rate your home. This may include the information that decides the risks involved with your home, further deciding the insurance premiums. Below are the details you need to be prepared while applying for a movable home insurance.

Ownership Status, Year Built and Purchase Date

Do you own the property you’re living or have you rented it from someone? Do you live there full-time or the property is vacant most of the time? These are some of the questions your insurance provider may ask, you can get an insurance with all these conditions existing. The insurance agent may also ask other details such as when the home was built and when did you buy from the previous owner. Also, if you have taken out a mortgage on your home, you are advised to check the mortgage payment protection quotes online to receive an insurance at the best price.

Serial Number, Make, Model and Dimensions

While quoting your insurance, your insurance provider may ask details about the serial number, make and model of the house. Most of the times, homeowners too don’t have an idea about the same. If you have no idea about the same, please check the papers you received from the previous owner. However, this information isn’t compulsory if you have rented a property from someone. They may also ask the dimensional details to know whether your home is single, double or triple wide. Please provide the correct size details so that you won’t have to pay more for a comparatively smaller coverage.

Tie Down & Other Safety Features

To ensure the risks associated with your home, insurance providers look at safety features seriously. They will ask whether your home is properly tied down with a permanent ground anchor. Have you installed the necessary safety features such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers? Are the doors equipped with deadbolt locks? If you have taken these safety precautions, you may qualify for a premium cheaper and save big on the same. Please provide the correct information to your insurer so that they can rate your home properly and you get a suitable home insurance plan.

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