How to Get A USDA Loan to Buy Your Home at Zero Down Payment?

by Anil Kumar ~ March 12th 2018

Buying a home of their own is a dream that everyone has but not everyone has the required savings for the same. Mortgage protection insurance plans came into existence to fulfill this very purpose. Usually, you are supposed pay a certain percentage of the house value to qualify for a loan but USDA home help you get your home with no savings at all. Let’s get to what USDA is and how can you get such a cheap mortgage insurance.

What Do You Mean by A USDA Loan?

The US has a very uneven population ratio over the area it has. that the number of people residing in a certain area of one state greatly differs from the population on the same area in another state or place in the country. Hence, the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA has started an initiative to encourage more people to buy a home in less-dense areas of the county. Under this plan, buyers are provided the option of zero down payment and 100 percent financial assistance for interested buyers. This means if you are willing to buy a home and don’t have any amount to make a down payment, you can go for a USDA loan to buy your home with a 100 percent loan assistance.

How to Get a USDA loan?

These are the home loans provided by United States Department of Agriculture with zero down payment to encourage people to live in areas with less population. But getting a USDA loan is quite different from getting a conventional mortgage loan or an FHA loan.

The procedure to Get a USDA loan can be divided into following 7 steps:

  • Application: Firstly, you are supposed to find a lender who provides USDA financing for a home. You can meet lenders directly or search them on insurance portals and get mortgage insurance quotes easily.

  • Getting the Approval: To get a pre-approval letter, you will need to provide details related to your income and credits. If you fulfill the USDA home loans criteria, the lender will provide a pre-approval letter for the same.

  • Finding A House:Next thing you need to do is finalizing a home among the USDA approved home available in your preferred locality.

  • Full Lender Loan:Under this, your lender will add your property o=information to the loan documents and cross check it one last time.

  • Final Signoff: Now, your lender will your loan for the seal of approval from the USDA.

  • Closing the Loan:Once the approval is given, you sign the required paperwork and the house belongs to you.

  • Moving In:Just after a few days of closing, you can move into your new house anytime.

Most Common Questions about USDA Loans

Before going for any plan, it’s obvious to have some queries in your mind and we understand the same. Hence, we are answering the most common questions about the same that can help you get a better idea of how it can be useful for you.

  • Can only first-time homebuyers buy a home?

    USDA has set no such restriction on who all can be a buyer and anyone who is interested can apply for a home.

  • What’s the maximum amount you can borrow?

    Whenever you are going for a USDA loan and don’t have enough savings to make premiums, you can borrow an amount for the same. You can borrow a maximum amount of $417,000.

  • What are the closing costs for a USDA loan?

    From lender to lender, closing costs differ for every housing deal. Hence you are suggested to talk to multiple lenders before you make a deal. Sometimes, these costs differ by location as well.

  • What are the refinance options available for you?

    You can utilize the USDA loan to refinance your mortgage life cover at cheaper costs, but it doesn’t provide any cash-back option for the same.

  • What’s the deadline to apply for a loan?

    There is no such deadline, but there is a limited fund for each year. Hence, you are suggested to make an application in the starting of the year itself.

  • Do all lenders offer a USDA loan?

    Not every lender will be offering a USDA loan, you can find lenders in every city who are offering the same.

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