What Are the Life Insurance Options for Seafarers?

by Anil Kumar ~ February 19th 2018

With the purpose to protect people from the uncertainty of tomorrow, life insurance policies were brought into the existence. Earlier, it was quite a difficult task to get an insurance for yourself but now the technical revolution has made it easier. Now, people can receive life insurance quotes online at their fingertips. Still, not everyone gets it easily. If you are a seafarer, coal-mine supervisor or a chemical plant engineer, your life is considered at risk all the time and insurance companies hesitate to offer a plan to those buyers. However, there are a few insurance providers that offer an insurance plan to those with a risk-involved occupation. Let’s us understand how the insurance premium for those people is affected and what the best options available to them.

How Are Insurance Premiums Affected?

People with dangerous occupations are considered a greater risk to insure and don’t receive an insurance plan easily and people working on sea-shore, coal-mines, chemical plants and construction sites are a few among that category. Basically, the concept of providing cheap life insurance plans depends on the life-expectancy of the buyer. If they work on a site like sea-shore, coal-mines, chemical plants, they are considered more likely to meet an accident or injury rather than those who have a fixed 8-hours job at an office. But, it’s not like that they never get insured. Some insurance companies provide specifically customized life insurance for such buyers. These plans have little expensive premiums but provide comprehensive coverage against the accidents and injuries.

Insurance Options for Seafarers

The life of seafarers is full of danger and uncertainty and hence life insurance plans are vital for them. These plans cover you against the unfortunate events of life that may occur anytime given the risky nature of your occupation. At times, the employer also provides an insurance plan for their employees but most of the times these plans don’t have enough coverage against the accidents. Moreover, these plans don’t protect the spouse and children of the employees.

When you are sole breadwinner of the family, you can’t your life for granted and put your loved ones in the situation of a financial bind. In case, something unfortunate happens to you, your loved ones will have a tough time repaying the pending debts and managing other essential expenses. At times, it becomes really difficult to take care of their lifestyle related expenses. Moreover, the insurance plans provided by employers last only until you are associated with them. The moment you get laid off or your contract expires you become unqualified to avail the benefits of their insurance plan as well.

Life insurance policies come into great help when the insured expires, and their spouse is looking for an employment or trying to establish their own business. They provide an accumulated cash value to the beneficiary helping them to take care of pending loans and other essential expenses. However, the benefits and coverage may vary as per CBA for each customer and hence, you should have the complete information of the plan you are buying. You are supposed to discuss all the queries with insurance representative and try to understand each plan clearly. Also, you should read the terms and conditions carefully before buying an insurance plan.

How to Apply for an Insurance Plan?

To get rid of paying expensive insurance premiums every month, you are supposed to know what are the different prices offered by different insurance providers. And today, you can do it online itself. You can receive the cheap life insurance quotes just by filling an online form on the official websites of insurance providers. Also, there is insurance portal that helps to provide several insurance quotes from multiple providers. These portals provide you a unique feature to compare the insurance quote from various companies and choose the most suitable one’s for you. Comparing for their benefits and coverage, you can choose a plan that maximum coverage for the best price.

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