How Are You Supposed to Choose A Visitor Insurance Plan?

by Anil Kumar ~ March 5th 2018

Are your parents visiting to see you and you are worried about their safety in the US? Well, there are health insurance plans to protect your loved in the US and visitor insurance plans are made for the same. These are the insurance plans that protect the visitors during their trip to the US and help with an accumulated amount in the event of a tragedy. Let’s get to know who can qualify for such an insurance and what are factors you should keep in mind while choosing an insurance plan.

Who Can Get A Visitor Insurance?

Of course, these insurance plans are made for who visit America but not everyone can get a visitor insurance. If you are a businessman or a passionate traveling heading to America for your next trip, the visitor insurance is made for you. Also, if you are studying in America and your parents are visiting to see you; you can get an insurance plan for them as well. There are insurance plans specifically designed for tourists and holiday travelers and you can get one for you and your loved ones. Even if you or one of your loved ones are associated with a church or missionary planning to visit the US, you can get an insurance for you as well as them.

Factors to Consider While Buying an Insurance:

There are few things you need to consider whenever going for a visitor insurance. Below, we are mentioning few things that can help you get most of an insurance plan if you pay attention to these.

  • Policy Maximum

    While interacting with an insurance representative, you are supposed to query about the maximum coverage the plan offers. Later you need to analyze whether the offered cover will be enough to take care of possible tragedies on the trip. If you think that the coverage offered won’t be able to take care of the possible expenses in case of a tragedy, you are suggested to talk another insurance agent who can offer a cheap health insurance with maximum coverage.

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

    Whenever you are looking for an insurance plan, make sure that those have a cover for accidental damages and dismemberment. This means if the policyholder meets an accident and loses body parts or functions such as limbs, eyesight, speech and hearing; you should get a cover for the same. Also, if someone passes away during their stay in the US, the loved ones should get an accumulated amount to take care of funeral, medical and other essential expenses. You are supposed to clearly ask the separate coverage they will be providing for an accidental death and damages and analyze whether the amount offered will be enough to take care of the possible expenses in case of an accident.

  • Policy Deductible

    The next thing you need to focus is the policy deductible. Each insurance plan has a fixed amount as policy deductible that you will have to pay before you receive your insurance coverage. This means if one of your loved ones has got injured in an accident, you have to pay a certain amount from your pocket so that your insurance claim can be processed. Actually, this is very frustrating to spend some extra money on policy deductible when you have already spent much money on the treatment of your loved one. That’s why whenever you are looking for an insurance plan, make sure that the plan you are going to buy has a minimal amount of deductible. For the same, you can request multiple health insurance quotes from different companies by filling an online form on their sites.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

    Another benefit option you should look for in an insurance plan. Most of the visitor insurance providing companies offer a medical evacuation service to the insured who gets injured in a battle or an accident. Under the offered service, if the policyholder gets injured in an accident; the insurance provider evacuates the policyholder from the scene of the accident to a nearby hospital to provide necessary medical treatment. At times, the instant relief at the time of injury becomes very crucial and the insured may pass away if they don’t the same. Hence, whenever you are choosing an insurance plan, do ask your insurance agent whether your insurance plan has the medical evacuation benefit and go with a plan offering the benefits at affordable premiums.

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