Which Final Expense Plan Should the Florida Residents Buy?

by Anil Kumar ~ April 03rd 2018

Final expense insurance is known for the providing the peace of mind and hence been very popular among the new insurance buyers. In the blog, you will get to know the various insurance options available for Florida residents and which one should you go with.

Expected Life Span in Florida

Florida has a total area of 170,305 km² with around 210 million people living in the state. The average family income is $47,000 and they live for approx. 79 years. This means, they have to live for long after their retirement and they need to plan their funeral as well. Seniors or people reaching their retirement are supposed to plan how their funeral expenses will be taken care of. If you are among those, you are also advised to buy a final expense plan to ensure the same. Having a final expense plan in advance will ease the sufferings of your loved ones as they won’t have to worry about funeral related expenses and arrangements. They just need to inform the insurance provider about eh demise of the insured and the provider will take of everything else.

Cost of Burial Plans in Florida

This fall under the category of most horrifying part of an insurance plan. Usually, people think that such a plan will be quite expensive and give up the thought of buying such a plan. Most people don’t even enquire properly about the costs of a funeral plan as they presume that they will costlier than anything. But, the reality is quite far from this myth. In this world of competition, different insurance providers are coming up with insurance plans for people with different requirements. Through their websites and portals, they are offering final expense insurance quotes to interested buyers and help them with their funeral related worries. An average burial costs from $8,000 to $ 12,000 which may further increase depending on the additional products or services you add while a cremation costs little cheaper somewhere around $6,000. But, you can get a burial plan starting from $5,500 and a cremation plan from $2,500 itself.


The best thing about a funeral insurance plan is that people of different ages and with different medical histories. Either you are working or have already retired, you can qualify for a funeral plan. Even if you have been quite fit till now or have been diagnosed with a fatal disease, a funeral plan is always available for you. If you are assured of health status and haven’t been diagnosed with any serious disease, you can go with a medically underwritten plan, you might be asked a few questions about your health and will easily receive an insurance plan at very affordable premiums. But, if you feel that your application might be declined due to some pre-existing conditions, you can go for a guaranteed insurance plan, where the insurance representatives won’t ask you any questions and your application will be processed easily. Such plans are a bit costlier but still a good option for people with serious medical conditions.

Comparing Burial Plans in Florida

Basically, there are two types of insurance plans offered to potential insurance buyers that you have got an idea in the above paragraph. Here, you will get in detail to decide which plan is most suitable for you and why.

Medically Underwritten Plan:

This is the final expense life insurance for seniors with a sound health status who are expected to live a normal life. Here, you need to request a quote for from the website of the insurance provider and agents from different companies will reach you with the best offers for you. Depending on the benefits and coverage offered, you can decide on a plan and proceed with the same. Once you apply for a plan, they will ask a few questions about your current and past medical conditions and approve your plan if everything seems normal.

Guaranteed Insurance Plan:

Unlike the medically underwritten plans, you don’t need to answer any questions about your health status. You just need to fill a small form and your insurance application will proceed with the approval. These plans are a good choice for people suffering from a life-threatening disease.

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