Are You Prepared for Your Final Day Expenses?

by Anil Kumar ~ November 30th 2017

Would you like your loved ones to grieve in peace when you pass away or run for hectic funeral preparations and deal with huge final expense bills? We are sure, you will never wish to see them dealing with an additional financial burden in such a heart-wrenching situation. So, what’s the solution? How can you ensure they won’t have to worry about the burial expenses when you pass away? Here, a final expense insurance plan does the magic for you. These insurance plans take care of your funeral expenses and ensure the burial ceremony takes place as mentioned in the policy. In this blog, we will help you with three basic tips to choose a final expense insurance for you or your loved one.

Know the Funeral Directors

Funeral directors are the authorities who take care of funeral homes and provide funeral services for deceased people. Generally, they seem very humble and honest but basically, they are business people. Funeral homes aren’t the charities and charge a huge amount for their services. Hence, the funeral directors are always eager to sell funeral packages to each customer coming to them. Here, you need to understand that instead of showing empathy to your emotional state of mind, they are sitting to sell their packages anyhow. They may offer you different funeral packages but each package may not be suitable for your requirements. You are advised to tell your funeral related priorities and requirements clearly to the funeral directors so that they can offer you only the relevant funeral packages.

Compare the Available Options

Various insurance providers come up with different final expense insurance plans for their customers. Depending on your priorities, these plans may vary widely. If you have opted for a funeral ceremony with caskets, flowers, embalming, transportation and cemetery services, you will get an insurance plan particularly designed to cover these services. If you want to go for a cremation service with ashes being scattered in a lake, you will receive a specifically tailored plan for the same. Get in touch with the top insurance providers in your area and try to receive multiple final expense insurance quotes to compare which plan is the most suitable as per your requirements.

Direct Payment to Funeral Homes

Once you have bought a burial expense plan, all your worries are your insurer’s worries now. Whenever someone from family or a loved one passes away, you don’t need to run here and there to get the funeral expenses reimbursed. The insurer will pay directly to your preferred funeral home and the funeral home will ensure the funeral ceremony takes place as per the preferences mentioned in the policy. Meanwhile, you can focus on gathering all your family and friends to pay a tribute to the deceased.

Shop Early for The Cheapest Plan

Whenever a loved one passes away, the families rush to their nearest funeral home and without a final expense insurance in place, this can be a very frustrating experience. These funeral homes charge a hefty amount for funeral services, regardless of the quality of their services. However, there are laws to put a limit on the maximum price to be charged, the funeral homes still get enough flexibility to set their own prices. At times, small neighborhood funeral homes charge too much for ordinary funeral services and dealing with the salespeople isn’t so easy. Buying a funeral expense plan timely can save you or your loved ones from facing all this frustration. Moreover, you may qualify to receive a plan with cheaper premiums if you shop at a young age. Interact with various insurance providers and go with the one who provides an insurance with cheaper premiums.

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