Why Annuities For Employees Can Be A Wise Decision?

by Admin ~ November 19th 2018

After retirement, people want to enjoy a comfortable life and need financial independence for the same. In this aspect, in addition to saving money, the annuity insurance plans can give them an advantage by guaranteeing a consistent series of monthly payments. Previously, we talked about helping your collaborators to grow personally and plan for the future by investing in insurance. Today, we are going to talk more about annuities and their advantages for your employees.

Life insurance protects and maintains your loved ones or beneficiaries in case of death. The annuity, on the other hand, is a financial product that guarantees an income if you live a long time. To receive a cheap annuity plan, your employees can sign a contract with an insurance agent, choosing the option that best suits their needs: pay a lump sum (simple premium) or make several payments (multiple premiums). Before delving into the benefits, we explain the two main annuities that exist:

Types Of Annuities

  • Fixed Annuities

    With fixed annuities receive a return on investment that will not change. These are useful because the rate of return is not affected by the fluctuation in the financial market.

  • Variable Annuities

    In variable annuities, the rate of return and the accumulated amount do depend on the financial market and the fluctuation of the market. This option allows you to earn more money, but it also means that payments will not always be the same. Therefore, it is advisable that your employees choose a plan based on their personal situation.

Main Benefits Of Insurance Annuities For Your Employees

  • Protection

    In many occasions, the annuity is contracted to generate income in the retirement years, contributing money during a specific amount of time. Although it may seem like a heavy expense for your employees during the first years, it ensures and protects your future.

  • Growth Of Estate

    Your employees can accumulate their money in a deferred tax product. This means that your estate will grow year after year and your investment may receive preferential treatment in the payment of taxes. In addition, the payments they receive include earnings and interest.

  • Secure Your Loved Ones Or Beneficiaries

    Along with the life insurance plans, some annuities can provide income to their beneficiaries in case of death. We understand that finances may be one of your biggest concerns, but there are flexible tools to improve your financial life. Buying an annuity is a personal decision but you are advised to compare all the annuity insurance quotes before you buy one. There are insurance experts as well who can advise your employees, considering what their objectives are and what premium is best for them, and we even analyze if they need other insurance such as life or endowment. Our experience as an insurance solution provider allows us to have the best products from the most prestigious insurers in America. Request a quote with us!

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