Utilize Annuity Insurance to Secure Your Future

An annuity is basically an insurance product designed to help people out when they retire, go jobless or don’t have a consistent source of income. This is basically a series of payment that an individual makes after a regular interval of time. In return, they receive a fixed or variable income after the annuity term is completed. These intervals can be classified into monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or any other regular interval of time. There are thousands of people who are not eligible for a pension or won’t have a fixed source of income when they will retire and these plans are a good option to invest when they are earning a decent income. But most people still aren’t aware of the features and benefits of these plans. Here, we are helping them with the required information that can help them choose their desired retirement annuity plan.

Basically, there are two types of annuity plans issued by insurance companies:

Immediate Annuity Insurance

Immediate annuity plans are those annuity plans in which a person makes a lump sum payment to the provider and starts receiving a guaranteed monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly income immediately. They can also choose among the options to get a one-time payment or receive a fixed amount at a regular interval of time. One also has the option to avail the life insurance annuity death benefit when one of the spouses passes away. Such retirement annuity plans are beneficial for those who are already retired as they start receiving an income for their expenses immediately. Also, one can convert his deferred annuity plan into an immediate annuity later, if they feel like doing. If someone is nearing his retirement or has already retired and has a lump sum amount to invest, they can invest in an immediate annuity and choose to receive an income when they need it the most. Through Optinsure, we are helping our customers receive the best immediate annuity quotes from top providers of the country.

Deferred Annuity Insurance

deferred annuity plans are the annuity plans in which an individual pays a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly amount to the provider and receives a fixed monthly income once the annuity term is completed. it provides a great option to invest money while someone is able to earn and get it back after they retire. the offered plan also provides two options to choose from

    These annuities have the funds that are related to the investment growth. That means it depends on the movements in the stock market and the value of an annuity may increase or decrease depending upon the performance of a particular investment. These plans are good when the investment is made for a longer period as they come as great retirement annuity options. But, such a plan also involves the market risks and one may have to bear the loss if the value of an investment falls. One is suggested to make an investment in this plan only when he is able to bear the market fluctuations. However, there are variable annuities that provide an option to protect one’s investment against the loss due to market fluctuations.

    The offered annuities have the funds or investments that are not so dependent on the investment growth. That means these annuities may not differ with the market fluctuations. For those annuitants, who are not so confident about the movements in the market, deferred fixed annuity is a good option as it provides a guaranteed income during the later years of their lives. Generally, these plans have 3-year to 9-year initial rate guarantee and offer a tax-deferred investment growth to the investor. Most companies have no IRS contribution limit that means the annuitant can invest any amount for their life after retirement. Moreover, when the guarantee period ends, they can renew or exchange the annuity. Also, there is the option to move assets to an IRA or even utilize the same to receive a consistent source of income. Just by filling an online form on our website, one can easily get multiple top annuity quotes from top insurance providers in the industry.